Copper Mule

Ginger Lime Cream Ale

Every beer has a calling. Copper Mule’s is undoubtedly as a thirst
quencher! Light bodied, with little or no hop bitterness allows the lime and ginger additions to shine through.

  • STYLE: Ginger Lime Cream Ale

  • ABV: 4.9% // IBU: 20 // SRM: 4

  • FLAVOR: Delicate notes of ginger and lime complimented by a soft, lightly bittered cream ale.

  • AROMA: Ginger, lime with subtle sweetness.

  • PAIR WITH: Thai noodles, white fish, chips and salsa

  • AVAILABILITY: Year-Round, 6-Pack Cans, 1/6BBL & 1/2BBL


US Open Beer Championships

2018 - Gold

2021 - Silver

2021 - Bronze

2022 - Silver

Australian International Beer Awards

2018 - Bronze