Pancho Vienna

Vienna Lager

While bordering on industrial espionage in 1833, two historic European Brewers returned home and dramatically altered their malting procedures to produce two of the finest examples of Amber Lager the world had ever known. One being Oktoberfest, and the other being Vienna Lager. The beer that gave birth to the Mexican Lager revolution!

This Vienna Lager is slightly sweet with a wonderful toasted caramel flavor. It pairs well with summer salad, pulled pork, and BBQ ribs.

  • STYLE: Vienna Lager

  • ABV: 5.3% // IBU: 15 // SRM: 14

  • FLAVOR: Slightly sweet, toasted caramel, bread-crust like malt. Clean bitterness.

  • AROMA: Light toffee, bread crust, caramel, rich malt.

  • PAIR WITH: Pork shoulder, enchiladas, Reuben sandwich.


North American Beer Awards

2012 - Silver

2013 - Gold

2014 - Silver