Tour Bus

Grapefruit Ale

 Your road trip begins with harvesting Blood Oranges and Passion Fruit, native to the East and South. Cruising North for your barley and wheat selections, to bring it all back to the heart of the Wild West. Slightly tart, delicate citrus, soft stonefruit, cracker, with a clean and dry finish. Tour Bus, easy drinking and deliberately crisp. 

  • STYLE: Grapefruit Ale

  • ABV: 5.9% // IBU: 17 // SRM: 10

  • FLAVOR: Light mouthfeel with fruity, citrusy notes and a tart, clean finish.

  • AROMA: Crisp citrus and a soft, slightly sweet malt background.

  • PAIR WITH: BBQ chicken, lemon cedar plank salmon, salt and vinegar chips.


Great American Beer Festival

2019 - Bronze

North American Beer Awards

2019 - Bronze

2021 - Gold

2022 - Silver

US Open Beer Championships

2019 - Bronze

2021 - Silver

2022 - Silver